Lab Members

Devin Kepchia, B.S.
Graduate Student
Program in Biomedical Science
Research Interests
Devin rotated in the Luetje lab in late 2012 and joined officially in February 2013.  His research interests focus on gaining a greater understanding of receptor-ligand interactions.  His first project explored the “tuning breadth” of mammalian olfactory receptors using a library of diverse odorants.  He is currently working on an insect olfaction drug discovery project.  
Education & Experience
Internship:  University of Pittsburgh Environmental and Occupational Health, under Supervisor Patricia Opresko, 2009.
B.S. Biology, Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, 2010. 
Ph.D. candidate, Program in Biomedical Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, University of Miami, 2012–present.